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Please find below a list of all our catalogue images. Feel free to click which make applies to you and find out more information of what we can offer for you.


Aisin Warner 50-40 / 50-42LE Download
Aisin Warner AW55-50SN / AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A) Download
Aisin Warner 450-43LE (Aisin Seiki) Download
Aisin Warner 60-40LE / 42LE / 41SN Download
Aisin Warner AWTF80SC Download
Allison 1000/2000/2400 Download
Allison AT540/AT543/AT545 Download
Borg Warner BW65&BW66 Download
Chrysler 42LE/A606 Download
Chrysler 42RLE Download
Chrysler 45RFE/5-45RFE/68RFE Download
Chrysler 62TE Download
Chrysler A404/A413A470/A670 Download
Chrysler A604 Download
Chrysler A727/A518/A618 Download
Chrysler A904/A500 Download
Ford 4F27E/FNR5 Download
Ford 5R55N/5R55S/5R55W Download
Ford 5R110W Torqshift Download
Ford 6F50/6F55/6T70/6T75 Download
Ford AOD/AODE/4R70W/4R75W/4R70E/4R75E Download
Ford ATX Download
Ford AXOD/AXODE/AX4S/AX4N/4F50N Download
Ford C3/A4LD/4R44E/4R55E/5R55E Download
Ford C4/C-5 Download
Ford C6/E4OD/4R100 Download
Ford CD4E Download
Ford CFT30 Download
Ford FMX/BW M8/M12 Download
General Motors 4T40E/4T45E Download
General Motors 4T80E Download
General Motors 5L40E/5L50E Download
General Motors 6L45/6L50/6L80/6L90 Download
General Motors 125/125C Download
General Motors 180/4L30E Download
General Motors 200/2004R Download
General Motors 325/325-4L Download
General Motors 350 Download
General Motors 400/4L80E/4L85E Download
General Motors 440-T4/4T60E/4T65E Download
General Motors 700-R4/4L60E/4L65E/4L70E Download
General Motors Aluminum Powerglide Download
General Motors MX17 Download
Honda  AJ/AK Download
Honda  AK/AS/CA/F4/G4/K4/L4/L5/PL5X/P1/MY8A/PY8A Download
Honda  M1WA/MPWA/MPYA/M5DA/M5HA Download
Honda  RO/MPRA Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi A4AF1/A4AF2/A4BF1 Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi A4AF3/A4BF2 Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi F4A33/W4A32/W4A33 Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi F4A41/F4A4B/F4A42/W4A42/F4A51/W4A51/W4A5A/F5A51 Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi KM170/KM177 Download
Hyundai Mitsubishi R4A51/V4A51/R5A51/V5A51 Download
Jatco JF506E Download
Mazda F3A Download
Mazda F4E/F4EAT/F4A-EL Download
Mazda G4A-EL/GF4A-EL Download
Mercedes 722.0/722.1/722.2 Download
Mercedes 722.3/722.4 Download
Mercedes 722.6 Download
Mercedes 722.9 Download
Nissan L3N71B/L4N71B/E4N71B Download
Nissan RE0F09A Download
Nissan RE4F03V/RE4F04V/4F20E/JF403E Download
Nissan RE4R01A/RL4R01A/RE4R03A Download
Nissan RE5R05A Download
Nissan RG4R01A/JR403E Download
Nissan RL4F02A/RE4F02A Download
Nissan RL4F03A/RE4F03A/RE4F03B/RE4F04A/RE4F04B Download
Nissan RN3F01A/RL3F01A Download
Renault MB1/MB3/MJ3 Download
Saturn TAAT Download
Saturn VT20/VT25E Download
Subaru EC8/4EAT Download
Subaru ECVT Download
Subaru M41/M41A Download
Toyota/Lexus 450-43LE Aisin Seiki Download
Toyota/Lexus A130/A131/A132 Download
Toyota/Lexus A140/A141/A142 Download
Toyota/Lexus A240/Thr A247 Download
Toyota/Lexus A340/A341/A343/30-40LE/30-43LE Download
Toyota/Lexus A440/A442 Download
Toyota/Lexus A540/A541 Download
Toyota/Lexus A750 Download
Toyota/Lexus A761 Download
Toyota/Lexus R150F Download
Toyota/Lexus U140/U240/U241/U250 Download
Toyota/Lexus U150/U515/U250 Download
Toyota/Lexus U340/U341E/U341F Download
Toyota/Lexus U660 Download
VW/Audi 010/087/089/090 Download
VW/Audi AG4/095/096/01M/098/01P/097/01N Download
ZF ZF4HP14 Download
ZF ZF4HP18 Eagle Dodge Download
ZF ZF4HP18 Saab Download
ZF ZF4HP22/4HP24 Download
ZF ZF5HP19/5HP19FL/5HP19FLA Download
ZF ZF5HP24 Download
ZF ZF5HP30 Download
ZF ZF6HP26/6HP28 Download